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Supervisor's Column


This is the time of year when our local firefighters hold banquets to celebrate their victories and recognize certain members for notable accomplishments. Each department will graciously invite other emergency response teams to join them, along with local leaders and agencies that have supported them throughout the year. These events are filled with celebration, comradery and sometimes deep emotion. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again recognize our emergency responders in Sodus and throughout Wayne County. Often taken for granted, these men and women dedicate their time to keeping the rest of us safe and secure 24/7. 

Although departments can sometimes set some of their own requirements, basic firefighter training for an exterior firefighter includes 63 hours of firefighter instruction along with another 16 hours of hazardous materials training. To certify as an interior firefighter an additional 50 hours is required, for a total of 129 hours for a full firefighter one class. Ongoing training can vary between departments but most have minimum requirements for attending internal training classes. They’re also required to attend 8 hours of annual OSHA training and 4 hours of annual hazardous materials refresher training. 100% of our firefighters here in Sodus are volunteers and 99% of the rest of the firefighters in Wayne County are as well!

The initial EMT basic course is roughly 160 hours of classroom instruction with additional time on calls treating patients, prior to receiving certification. Initial Paramedic training on top of that is over 1000 hours along with several hundred additional hours of clinical time in hospitals and call time treating patients prior to initial certification. Ongoing training consists of 24 hours classroom training every three years with at least 48 hours of additional education for the EMT basic level. While there are some paid medics in our region the vast majority are volunteers! 

The Town of Sodus is provided with fire protection from the Sodus, Sodus Point, Wallington, Alton and Sodus Center Fire Departments. Their halls are often offered as meeting places for public events and there are countless ways outside of fighting fires that their members/auxiliarists give back to the community every year. Our emergency responders are often subjected to severe weather conditions, dangerous road circumstances and life threatening situations. 

Please take the time to thank a local firefighter, auxiliarist or medic. They are dedicated individuals who surrender a considerable amount of personal time for the benefit of their community. They sure don’t do it for the money… they do it for us.

Steven LeRoy, Supervisor

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